Building a better tomorrow 

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about entrepreneurship and education more focused on the Minority community and support of Minority owned businesses I’ve done this Because it’s what I believe will save us from the POLICE STATE It’s because of this I believe in Colin Kaepernick and Take A Knee movement. we need to build communities where we can be safe from the issues that plague our community like police brutality and gang violence the way we combat all that is be build businesses build up our education system kill simple mindedness this world is bigger than you change your mindset and honor the sacrifices of those who sacrificed their lives, limbs, career and livestock martin luther king jr, Malcolm X, Colin Kaepernick and countless others who did there best to help the better this nation 


The future of humanity depends on us

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it and sadly this where we are as a country if Donald Trump wins in 2020 watch that is a huge possibility thenby 2022 to 2023 we could face war before 2024 which if that happens he can cancel the election and declare martial law we need to be prepared for anything especially thisinstead of spending your money marching for immigrants marching for Muslims and marching for black lives matter. we should use that money to take vets off the streets build up black businesses bring jobs to the communities and build up countries in South America like Puerto Rico Venezuela Mexico Haiti and the Dominican Republic  and Africa  and Greece teach the people how to trade with Countries like China we should teach them to build business raise the children to become doctors lawyers police officers engineers everything that we need in society we need to build green cities we should take up the offer of France let’s build symbiotic relations with citizens of other countries 

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Kill two birds one stone

“A leader will lead you to victory or to death and despair” If you want to stop Police violence you also have to focus on gang violence as well the only way were going to fix problems in our community is to start working together start building black businesses as matter fact tell me your idea and I’ll blog for free for a month. join the churches in the March for violence not just black lives matter protest but gang violence as well. Because protests are supposed to work in junction of stopping the flow of business when you stop the flow of business you send a message can you create change in the change you want to seize fire. Protesting has become a business A way to take more of your money the moment you boycott protest you will send the city a message walk for hope. Boycotts don’t work anymore because they leveled the playing field there’s much of us as there are of them so we need build up our communities again builder businesses educate ourselves lastly equip ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Inspire the youth, protect them where is them up to be a better versions of ourselves and keep safe.Time to boycott the United States. 

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Progressive sustainability

Citizens for equal opportunity

To all new world order freedom fighters

The same question I asked liberals is the same questions i’m going to ask you what exactly are you doing are you planning to Build

  • compounds 
  • bases 

Have you gotten comfortable since from spending office or you realize that man in the White House is not here to save humanity but destroyed even more do you recognize the fact that The people behind us he created these conflict to divide humanity what if I told you that Barack Obama is not only irrelevant but I distraction to what’s going on right now we need people to fight a war but first you must know your enemy. 

Tsan sun set it best the enemy of my enemy is my friend there’s a lot of them I have a common goal which is

  • Free-speech
  • Human rights such as the right to due process the right to bear arms healthcare marriage and the right to live
  • Equality Not hypocrisy
  • Freedom of Religion which is covered under the first amendment of the Constitution 
  • Freedom to assemble 

Let’s start working together and drop the labels let us begin to prepare for what is about to come

  • Strategize
  • Train
  • Assemble 
  • Retreat 
  • Tactically 
  • rebuild 
  • essential
  •  knowledge

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Let’s start building

Open letter to liberals

I desire progress,unification and solidarity  For this reason I tell you let’s go to the countries of the people that we are trying to help let’s build in Mexico,Puerto Rico,Venezuela, Greece, Africa let’s help them trade with other countries other than the US that you build solar factories so and green cities around these countries let’s try to build Detroit back up let’s start. Building a better water filters or fixing their pipe problem let’s even take the offer of French president Emmanuel macron scientist since you can’t really practice your “religion” of science try to help out Japan find a way to assist with their nuclear problem then we can establish a a space program in one of these places that will build bases on the moon and mars 
Build the foundation

Donald trumps policies

Donald trumps policies which is something that is more important than Russia is something I actually agree with I’m glad he’s making changes you. These changes are going to allow people like you and I Fed up with the system in place. it lights a fire in our asses get us move it to March is over show million people black traffic went to the airport Marched around for Presidents’ Day instead of shopping at Nordstrom instead of eating halal food like gyros, falafel or having a taco at a Mexican restaurant instead of Taco Bell you guys chose to piss people off and to put money into a broken system you guys of been harping at this whole Russian scandal so when we get him impeached what’s going to change after that nothing. The policies we need to talk about are as followed

  • Puerto Rico statehood
  • The Paris accords 
  • Cuba 
  • Clean energy
  • Job Growth 
  • Education
  • Career advancements and enhancements
  • Entrepreneurship
  • And police reform

Donald Trump has taught me a lot he’s taught me about vetting system, how to invest how to market how to build how to get others to invest in you how to help those in need he’s get jobs back and when he does the money just going to flow i’m hoping Puerto Rico doesn’t become the 51st state I’m hoping Trump keeps doing what is doing I hope all Mexicans are you deported so we as Progressives can you go to these countries to go to Puerto Rico to go to Mexico and go to all these countries and build businesses over there help businesses over there building infrastructure’s so when this country goes to hell we can vet people this summer I want to encourage you to go visit Puerto Rico do some missionary work if you have to go to Mexico visit Venezuela visit India go to Jerusalem and Israel go to Saudi Arabia and visit at skyscraper go to France you know you want to go catch a Paris. Visit the London eye and go to Big Ben, go to Africa, Haiti or Japan go to China liberals you said you’re gonna leave this country if Trump got elected so I’m telling you go ahead and do it for the right reasons help me build the foundation. We’re not wanted here so let’s build our own private communities where you can build green cities here in the United States and Puerto Rico and utilize your unused education and skills to benefit the countries that are willing to welcome you with open arms 

Please join the cause

You can’t stop progress

In 2017 we need to be progressive forget the names no more Black lives matter no more liberals no more snowflakes we are progressives we turn words into action. we need to stop marching and start building basic training is over it’s time for us to build our bases so we can prepare. you are no longer black lives matter you are citizens for equal opportunity this includes The oppressed ( blacks, gays, immigrants, non-white, Native American and millennials) liberals are our allies not our enemies they are the Yankees of today. So I say to you let’s let down our wall, join together build a foundation that not even our enemies can tear down let’s be like the 1st generation of settlers let’s build cities and private communities isiah 54:2-3 “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities.” ‭ today we progress.

Help build the foundation