To all new world order freedom fighters

The same question I asked liberals is the same questions i’m going to ask you what exactly are you doing are you planning to Build

  • compounds 
  • bases 

Have you gotten comfortable since from spending office or you realize that man in the White House is not here to save humanity but destroyed even more do you recognize the fact that The people behind us he created these conflict to divide humanity what if I told you that Barack Obama is not only irrelevant but I distraction to what’s going on right now we need people to fight a war but first you must know your enemy. 

Tsan sun set it best the enemy of my enemy is my friend there’s a lot of them I have a common goal which is

  • Free-speech
  • Human rights such as the right to due process the right to bear arms healthcare marriage and the right to live
  • Equality Not hypocrisy
  • Freedom of Religion which is covered under the first amendment of the Constitution 
  • Freedom to assemble 

Let’s start working together and drop the labels let us begin to prepare for what is about to come

  • Strategize
  • Train
  • Assemble 
  • Retreat 
  • Tactically 
  • rebuild 
  • essential
  •  knowledge

Thank you for your support

Let’s start building


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