Play the game 

We need to start playing the game and stopping pons The same rules they put them placed to make them rich,  you can play the game 

  • You can build schools
  • You can build buildings
  • You can build businesses
  • You can build banks

You are not restricted They want to make you think you’re restricted yes poverty is real they have tried to hold you down but now you have the opportunity to change all that you have the power to change this world for the better but first that means you must give up a piece of yourself to do so you must convince others to do the same take what you guys have put it together put it to good use build a community of self sustainability build a community where you have everything you need or want build a community where stores of your own style with food that you can eat with a beverage you can drink where your kids can learn everything they need to learn and still be safe from crime and corruption it is time for us to start building up communities leave behind those will not desire to follow for the universe has different plans for them. Join me on Facebook



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