You can’t stop progress

In 2017 we need to be progressive forget the names no more Black lives matter no more liberals no more snowflakes we are progressives we turn words into action. we need to stop marching and start building basic training is over it’s time for us to build our bases so we can prepare. you are no longer black lives matter you are citizens for equal opportunity this includes The oppressed ( blacks, gays, immigrants, non-white, Native American and millennials) liberals are our allies not our enemies they are the Yankees of today. So I say to you let’s let down our wall, join together build a foundation that not even our enemies can tear down let’s be like the 1st generation of settlers let’s build cities and private communities isiah 54:2-3 “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities.” ‭ today we progress.

Help build the foundation 


Housing bubble

It is extremely expensive in cities like Los Angeles San Francisco New York and Chicago. California residents have had to go through extreme lengths Just to pay the rent  from living under the stairs, having multiple roommates or RV living if the rental market isn’t regulated due to unaffordablity then we can end up in another housing bubble resulting in a homelessness, if people die as a result of over crowding that’s a serious problem.  The average employee is now shelling out more than 30% of their household income forcing them to work three jobs at a time in addition to having makeshift rooms which results fire or health hazards, living further away from their job which results in lateness, stressed induced illness, and health issues such as diabetes or heart disease and death. In addition to rental scams which puts people like daily Craigslist rentals or commuter beds and encourages landlords to do the same. The best thing to do is to prevent price gouging by regulating the rental market to ensure landlords are charging a fair amount for rent. There’s no reason for anyone to open a gofundme account to pay the bills

The plan

this is the real conspiracy it’s all a set up from FEMA camps fluoride in the water to  population control, the death panel, martial law The media they control at all The powers in the shadows cause confusion and provoke violence to again to depopulate the planetif they can keep us fighting with each other we get distracted and they get to go running to the bank George Carlin was right about this so I’ll break it down for you

  1. The FEMA camps are the private prisons they built detension centers for the immigrants
  2. Police walking away free to alternative cases of violence from Dylan roof to Sanford swimming Ethan  couch got a way with murder and fleaing to Mexico after he violated his parole but you rarely hear FOX News Mark dice Alex Jones or Tomi Lahren Mark dices story on Dylan roof was purely click bait. The only time Tomi spoke about Dylan roof and that was when I came to the four kidnappers in Chicago all of this is provoke violence and arguments and division
  3. Police Departments, the department of justice and the healthcare industry, and the water and energy companies and the NRA are all involved in death panel, The death of thousands whether it’s at the hands of police, licensed gun owners, denying coverage to sick Americans the death penalty poisoning our food and our water supply to global warming trying to kill us with the first.
  4. They’re selling our information to the highest better they’re changing the neutrality there even try to filter the news and then creating a false narrative fake news pizza gate ping-pong pizza was fake it was a false flag to create a false flag. The Russia Peegate was fake Donald Trump’s tweets everything is there to distract us 
  5. The first amendment of the Constitution gives us freedom of speech religion press the right to assemble yet these rights are doing taking away from us Muslim hatred is a Precerser to pandoras box
  6. Student loan debt is it all time high is cause people to do 2 to 3 more jobs at a time this is a form of indebted servitude 
  7. Those hobbit homes you talk about are pods The rent is so high in cities like New York Chicago San Francisco LA that people have to resort to living in four bedroom apartments with multiple bunkbeds if you can’t for that you’re in the streets so people are forced to camp outside inside the parks people living in their cars
  8. The militarized police is there to set up martial law. 

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