Kill two birds one stone

“A leader will lead you to victory or to death and despair” If you want to stop Police violence you also have to focus on gang violence as well the only way were going to fix problems in our community is to start working together start building black businesses as matter fact tell me your idea and I’ll blog for free for a month. join the churches in the March for violence not just black lives matter protest but gang violence as well. Because protests are supposed to work in junction of stopping the flow of business when you stop the flow of business you send a message can you create change in the change you want to seize fire. Protesting has become a business A way to take more of your money the moment you boycott protest you will send the city a message walk for hope. Boycotts don’t work anymore because they leveled the playing field there’s much of us as there are of them so we need build up our communities again builder businesses educate ourselves lastly equip ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Inspire the youth, protect them where is them up to be a better versions of ourselves and keep safe.Time to boycott the United States. 

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Bring back the minority Wall Street

Couple of things there are people out there rooting for you, who are doing whatever they can to stand up for you but now is the time when you have to stand up for yourself most of you guys have already done that and I’m telling you it is time The minority Wall Street community based businesses like I said in My other bloggers you no longer need a loan from the bank to get your own business starred there are many ways to do it go to college pick up a trade or become an entrepreneur this is how you disrupt the system by making it despite all the odds against you doesn’t matter how you Play the game this is not the Kobayashi maroon there is no more zero-sum game open up businesses if you want to sell cloths sell clothes if you want to buy or sell Products I can save people with anemia and help prevent cancer can you go with, if you want to control the Housing market you go to, whatever you do make sure your heart is in it because the only thing that’s going to fill your heart is passion your passion will fill your pockets. Thank you for reading

CEO Citizens for equal opportunity 

Making a living

So one thing is for certain we need to start making a living and utilize our talents. For example if you’re going to get a degree in art science political science automotive etc. make sure before you graduate you go out and look for those particular jobs because if you don’t you’re going to find yourself in a job that you’re overqualified for,  weather its working at a restaurant or Security whatever your passion is you need to follow it doesn’t make sense to go to get a degree for you to then work at McDonald’s or Alcatraz Unless its an apprenticeship which should come before while you’re in college or on break you should be working for jobs in your field or freelancing for your portfolio don’t be shy or picky people have wasted Time and money they have to pay back now and their not doing what they signed up for. So now if you’re studying business management I got something for you if you study marketing I got something for you if you’re studying sales I have something for you 

Educate yourself

 we learn something new every day, things we never knew before because we don’t ever bother reading anything that we buy, the truth is Hidden in plain sight there’s chemicals in everything we consume and wear everything from milk and meat with growth hormones which causes kids to develop early Foods that cause cancer too…..What we drink or absorbed through the skin contactit is also coming in laundry detergent perfumes lotions etc. To the clothes that we wear on our backs. Today we learned that Some Cereals contains trisodium phosphate which is a chemical what it’s doing there nobody knows. Now we go back to absorption because it’s really important your chemicals out there that are harmful can cause cancer, miscarriages and infertility as well as other things, for example dioxin, Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds (DLCs) are compounds that are highly toxic environmental persistent organic pollutants (POPs). They are mostly by-products of various industrial processes – or, in case of dioxin-like PCBs and PBBs, part of intentionally produced mixtures. Do you know  its used it sanitary napkins or feminine pads. Instead of having you sit through more reading which this has gone for enough i’m going to leave a video to explain more in detail The effects of dioxin
However I will leave you with this