Open letter to liberals

I desire progress,unification and solidarity  For this reason I tell you let’s go to the countries of the people that we are trying to help let’s build in Mexico,Puerto Rico,Venezuela, Greece, Africa let’s help them trade with other countries other than the US that you build solar factories so and green cities around these countries let’s try to build Detroit back up let’s start. Building a better water filters or fixing their pipe problem let’s even take the offer of French president Emmanuel macron scientist since you can’t really practice your “religion” of science try to help out Japan find a way to assist with their nuclear problem then we can establish a a space program in one of these places that will build bases on the moon and mars 
Build the foundation


Rehabilitation and mission

OK I want to talk about something that holds true to my heart in June 2016 I had the pleasure and opportunity to learn and spend time with people in need and help addicts there is a nonprofit agency by the name of victory outreach ministries, they run several rehabilitation homes and training centers across the world. these programs that are available assist people to get off drugs and alcohol and provide on the job training and life skills to assist them them to get their lives back on track. It’s done and two phases phase 1 they work with you for six months to year after you graduate you’ll be in phase 2 which consist of a sober living environment where you begin seeking employment and you have people who are going to work with you so that you won’t go back to drugs and alcohol. Training centers are completely different, The urban training centers provide education and training for those who seek to go out to become missionaries and pioneers to build churches and rehabilitation homes and to assist those in need and to help stop gang violence. These training centers are located in Strategic cities in the world. Why do I speak of this you may ask.

We need to get the homeless off the street, people off drugs and children back in the arms of sober parents. if you’re a business and you need temporary workers utilize their services you’d be assisting them in learning new skills that they can take too the workplace and begin to have that they can have dignity, self-respect and self worth. even now more than ever since Trump is deporting immigrants this is an opportunity if you want to help the homeless and people addicts then these are services you can use if you need help paying your rent then you can rent your room to someone who has a job Who came from this program if you’re going owner or a homeowner that wants to rent out an apartment or your home rented to these guys as well they are funded by United we can as well as employment services that is offered by small businesses and big business if you want to find out about these programs and more go to and remember united we stand divided we fall

Thank you for your Support